Lydia's Room

During Christmas break we decided to paint and put together Lydia's room. Not going to lie I definitely had third child syndrome when it came to putting this room together (Do I REALLY need to paint her room...I mean we have a crib, that's enough right)? So very thankful for Karen and Claire, my sister-in-laws, who not only helped me paint and decorate the room, but also supplied most of the cute things that fill it :) We had a great time listening to some Taylor Swift and getting things in order. I'm really glad we did it, too. When we do get matched it is going to be a whirlwind of things to get together; I won't have the time or the energy for painting or decorating. It is also a great reminder for me; when I walk by the room I think about her and am reminded to pray for my little girl who is half way around the world. And right now, after all of the holiday craziness, it is the only room in my house that doesn't look like a tornado has gone through it! Can't wait for her to be here so she can play in it and make it match the rest of the house :) 

Obviously, we are still waiting. My next adoption phone call is this Thursday, but like the one I had in December, they can't really give me a definite time frame on when we will be matched since the transition on how adoption files are released has now happened and we are approaching Chinese New Year in February. Kids are still being matched and placed with families as we speak, so we are just waiting!

We decided to go with a gray/pink/white color scheme in the room (because I love calming!) with a theme of elephants. I actually got the idea from a co-worker while we were talking about how long the adoption process takes. She told me I was like an elephant. My initial reaction: Who are you calling an elephant (just kidding)! She told me elephants normally carry their young for almost two years. Seemed fitting. Plus, elephants are adorable and they have some really cute elephant things out right now. And according to the internet, elephants also represent wisdom and strength in the Chinese culture which is an added bonus since I had already decided on the theme!

Below are some before, during, and after photos. Please continue to pray for our little girl and the timing of the whole process!