The Car is Sold!

The car is sold!! Thank you guys for getting the word out on social media and getting us in touch with different people for us. The man who bought it was a sweet middle aged man from San Antonio. He and his wife have been wanting a '55 Chevy for a long time. My parents were not only excited someone that really wanted the car was able to buy it, but they were also very excited that the guy's name was Oscar. My great-grandmother's name was Lydia; her husband, my great-grandpa, was named Oscar. Pretty cool!  

It has been a crazy few months for us in Victoria to say the least. Friday, August 25th, my parents were supposed to go on the vacation they had been planning for over a year. Because of Hurricane Harvey, they canceled those plans Thursday morning and by Thursday night Victoria County had called for a mandatory evacuation. Brian and the boys and I left for Austin that night. My parents decided to stay for several reasons (their cattle, their place, etc.) but one main reason was the car. My dad was prepared and was ready to jack the car up off the ground on a lift if the water rose too high. It was a really scary thing to go through for my parents, as a lot of you who stayed for the storm experienced. They lost the roof off of their add-on room and everything that was in that room. When I called them Saturday morning (they miraculously never lost cell service) they were huddled in their bathroom worried they were going to lose their entire roof. Even in all the damage they experienced, the car wasn't damaged at all. I know I've said it before, but I am so very thankful for my parents and thankful the Lord kept them safe. And it means we can bring Lydia home!   


I actually wrote this post several months ago, but never posted it because I wasn't quite sure what to say about the timing of things. We heard in May that China is undergoing a change in how they release adoption files. It has nothing to do with the United State's relationship with China; this is the way adoption files used to be released - they went to a different way, and now they are going back to the way they used to do it.  There are many positives to this change. Once we are matched, the process will be faster and I think Holt will have access to many children they did not previously have access to. The negative, for us, deals with the timing. The transition happens December 31st, and we were hoping to be matched before the cut off date. At this point, this is not going to happen. As with any transition, there is a slowdown as people learn the new system. This, on top of Chinese New Year at the beginning of the year, means the earliest possible time we can be matched will be March with the earliest possible travel time being the beginning of summer. It will probably be longer than that.    

When I talked with our adoption agency, I'm not going to lie, I was upset. Upset because I have to wait longer. I knew waiting would be hard but I didn't know it would be THIS hard. I have prayed for Lydia longer than I prayed for both of my boys before I was able to meet them. I want her home and I want her safe. It is hard because the timing we had so carefully planned is looking like it will probably not work out. I wanted to be able to spend a full 6 months with her for attachment, bonding, and time to recover from whatever surgery she is going to need. If we travel during summer time or past summer time it cuts into my 6 months with her. Plus, I like plans! I like control! And I really can't plan or feel like I have any sort of control until we are matched.

But God is in control. No part of this process has looked like I thought it would look but we have been blown away by God's provision throughout it. When we stepped out in faith we didn't know where we would get the funds but he has provided exactly what we have needed in the time it has been needed. Next will be her medical expenses, but if he has brought us this far he will bring us through that as well. And he will work out the timing. It might not be my timing and we might have to wait much longer than we want, but I'm trusting and praying I can be thankful while we wait. I keep going back to Isaiah 55: 8-9 "'For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,' declares the Lord. 'As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.'"

So we continue to wait and appreciate your prayers as we do :) Below are some pictures my sister in law Karen took of the car with our family before it was sold. So thankful for the memories we've had with this car and that it was able to help bring Lydia home!