Love for Lydia Fundraiser!

Life has been crazy this past month, so I am just now getting to writing about our Love for Lydia fundraiser in Austin! Through this entire process, I have been blown away by how giving and supportive people (even people we don't know!) have been and this event was no different. Brian and I showed up in Austin Saturday afternoon to help get things ready and there wasn't too much for us to do because it had already been done! Party planning and being a hostess is definitely not my strong suit, but my sister-in-law Karen is amazing at it! She approached us with the idea for the party and really did it all. She designed the invitations, invited tons of people, put together the decorations, organized the baskets and silent auction, collected donations, etc. And because it was a party Karen planned, it turned out amazing! So very thankful for her (and Ben, he did a lot of work too!)

Thank you to everyone who donated items for the silent auction, bought baskets, donated, and were there to support us. We made over $1300 because of you! We're getting closer to bringing Lydia home! Several people have asked me if we are doing a fundraising event in Victoria. The answer is yes, I'm just not sure when or what yet! Once summer gets here I'll have a little more time to plan it! Stay tuned! Check out some pictures from the event below!