Frequently Asked Questions

I knew after I put up the blog there would be things I hadn't thought to answer or things I forgot to share. So I thought I would answer some of the more frequent questions I've gotten from people as I talked to them about our adoption. I'm sure I'll still forget to answer some questions, so if there is something else you guys would like to know, send me a message and I'll make sure and answer it if I can!

Do you know who Lydia is yet?

Not yet :) Once our paperwork is approved by the US government and the Chinese government (which is a very LONG process that I'll share with you as we go along) we will be put on a waiting list. The normal wait time for a girl with a correctable medical issues is about 6-12 months once our paperwork is approved. When our agency finds a little girl they feel is a match for us, they will send us all of the information they have on her in an electronic file. We will review that with our pediatrician and an international adoption doctor. After meeting and talking with them, if we feel like it is a good match we will then know who our little Lydia is! We will still have a few months before we can go get her to give us time to get all the paperwork together we need, set up travel plans, etc. I think that is going to be the hardest time for me! 

How old will she be when you adopt her?

We aren't quite sure. We told our agency we are open to a little girl from birth to three years old. She will probably be about two years old, but she could be younger or older. It does mean that there is a very high likelihood Lydia is already born, which makes me want to get her home as soon as possible!

Why Lydia?

I'm planning on writing about this later in a little more detail, but the short answer is for two main reasons. My great grandmother was named Lydia; I always loved the named and loved the stories I heard about her as I was growing up. I've also always loved Lydia in the Bible. She was a strong, caring woman who ran her own business and helped set up the church in the New Testament. I would love for my daughter to be named after two strong, caring, and influential women.  

Where are you in the process?

Right now we are finishing up the home study process. Once we are through with that, we will move on collecting and putting together what is called the dossier, a big packet of papers that gets sent to the US government and the Chinese government.

Do the boys understand the adoption?

Caleb understands a lot more than Jacob does, which is understandable when we are talking about a two and four year old :) Jacob knows he is going to have a little sister, but he doesn't have any concept of when she will be here, how she's going to get here, or what that means for him (It will be a transition when he's no longer the baby in the family!) Caleb understands a lot and thinks about it a lot more than I realize until he asks me really deep questions about the adoption process out of the blue. We've told him Lydia will probably be here after he turns 6, so he is now convinced she will be here the DAY after he turns 6. Who knows, it could happen! He does understand that the adoption process is expensive and is always asking us if he can save some of the money he gets from grandparents to help bring Lydia home. Melts my heart!